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Arranging Finance.

Many SME's and their accountants often find it difficult to put their case in the best way possible to a bank. Bramhall Business Services listens to its customers and then uses Mark Sweeting's 32 years banking experience to pull together all the facts about your business and presents an application in a style that a Bank understands. Mark spent over 10 years as a Relationship Manager with RBS and then a further 12 years with Whiteaway Laidlaw Bank analysing and sanctioning requests presented to him by his team of Business Development managers. This enables Mark to talk to Banks and present them with exactly what they require to give each client the best possible opportunity for their funding request to be granted. Mark will also provide a realistic view to the client and full feedback throughout the process. In addition Mark works closely with a number of other funders including, Bridging Finance Limited, a number of factors and invoice finance companies, asset finance providers, government and European agencies/funds.


Many years ago, a traditional Bank Manager could provide a sounding board for his clients and use his skills, knowledge and network of contacts to help businesses develop in addition to reviewing their financial position. Through Bramhall Business Services, Mark provides a similar mentoring service on a consultancy basis. The process begins with Mark listening to the customer aspirations and agrees a strategy to move the business forward from where it is today to where it wishes to get to in a period of time in the future. Mark will usually meet with the customer on a monthly basis reviewing progress with agreed actions and giving guidance and help as and when required all with the aim of the business keeping an eye of their strategic aims rather than being overcome by day to day needs.

Bramhall Business Services will not tie you in to a long term contract; if your circumstances change you are free to cancel the arrangement after each meeting.

Business Planning

Bramhall Business Services can assist your firm to develop a full business plan for the future with the aim of allowing the business to achieve its ambitions.

Other Services which can reduce your costs

Bramhall Business Services is an affiliate for CVS Business Rates Specialists. CVS' national surveying team have an in depth knowledge of their local territories and an excellent track record of reducing business rates by formally making an appeal to the Valuation Office Agency. We also act as an agent for CA Tax Solutions Ltd, a specialist capital allowance company, who have identified significant loss relief on various qualifying assets within commercial property portfolios. The service is provided on a results rewards basis and so presents no financial risk to the commercial property owner to identify the current capital allowance relief eligibility on the qualifying assets within the property. In addition we work closely with a leading provider of LED light replacements which can reduce your lighting costs by up to 80%


Bramhall Business Services has built a wide and varied network of contacts whom it works with to help its clients including accountants, solicitors, banks, bridging companies, insolvency firms, Invoice discounters, IFA's, brokers, asset finance providers, website designers, surveyors, design and builders.

Mark Sweeting, Bramhall Business Services - “The Independent Bank Manager”.

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